About the Office of Multicultural Programs


The mission of the Office of Multicultural Programs(OMP) is to foster and maintain a distinctive, compelling student experience that promotes leadership in creating an    inclusive environment and the deep appreciation, education and celebration of diverse cultures.

Diversity Concerns Committee


The Office of Multicultural Programs will act as a hub for diversity and inclusion with a focus on supporting underrepresented student populations, increasing the participation amongst all students and creating avenues of leadership that will increase the representation among our student body.

  • The OMP has a welcoming and inclusive environment open to all people.
  • The OMP aids students to develop, practice and apply leadership skills in different cultural context.
  • The OMP hosts speakers, open conversations and events that enhances understanding of educational content surrounding racial reconciliation, privilege, social justice and advocacy.

To read more about our Office's Mission and Goals, see our updated brochure: OMP 2015-2016 Brochure



Gandhi-King Center for Diversity and Global Engagement, Harre Union, Suite 203
Phone: (219)-464-6769
Fax: (219)-464-6868
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