Our Goals

In collaboration with the Valpo campus and community, the overall mission of the Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) is to improve human relations by creating and supporting a community of learners that value and support diversity, cultural competency, and multicultural education.

Diversity Concerns Committee

Learning Outcomes

Valpo students will increase their awareness of diverse cultures by attending cultural programs, training workshops, and other interactive events.

Valpo students will develop and practice leadership skills through their active involvement in: campus planning committees, SMART Scholars Program, Multicultural Leadership Retreats, and student organizations.

Valpo students will improve their leadership skills by attending workshops, presentations, and conferences.

Valpo students will interact positively with students from diverse backgrounds through planned collaborative endeavors, involvement and participation in various programs, joining student organizations, helping plan events, and attending social functions.

Valpo students will enhance their understanding of social problems (e.g. race relations, equality, justice, privilege, etc.) through their attendance and/or participation in programs that offer opportunities for in-depth discussion, debate, and dialogue.

Valpo students will learn how to improve human relations through active involvement in such venues as Peace & Social Justice Symposium, Study Circles on Race Relations, service organizations, social action activities, etc.

Valpo students will learn about campus resources and support services available to assist them academically.

Valpo students will participate in and engage in Mentoring and Retention activities to enhance their academic success.