About the Office of Multicultural Programs


The Mission of the Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) is to foster and maintain a distinctive, compelling student experience that promotes leadership in creating an inclusive environment and the deep appreciation, education and celebration of diverse cultures.


The Office of Multicultural Programs will act as a hub for diversity and inclusion with a focus on supporting underrepresented student populations, increasing the participation amongst all students and creating avenues of leadership that will increase the representation among our student body.

Learning Outcomes


  • The OMP will aid students to develop, practice and apply leadership skills. (Strategic plan Objective 4.4)
  • The OMP will provide direct mentorship and professional mentorship for student body. (Strategic plan Objective 4.8)
  • OMP Group leaders will have intentional context focused biweekly mentorship and yearly training. (Strategic plan Objective 4.4) 


  • Valparaiso University students will enhance their understanding of educational content surrounding racial reconciliation, privilege, social justice and advocacy. (Strategic plan Objective 1.4)
  • Valparaiso University students will be given the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural dialogue. (Strategic plan Objective 1.8)


  • Valparaiso University will assist students in hosting relevant cultural celebrations. (Strategic plan Objective 1.4)
  • Valparaiso University will host speakers and lecture series to continue the cultural matriculation and growth of its student body. (Strategic plan Objective 1.8)


  • The OMP will provide students with the opportunity to connect with tutors in an appropriate atmosphere for studying.
  • The OMP will connect to underrepresented students that are at-risk academic support structures.
  • The OMP will create and maintain a system to check student progress and equip with an academic plan when needed.  


To read more about our Office's Mission and Goals, see our updated brochure: OMP 2015-2016 Brochure  Diversity Concerns Committee