Asian American Association (AAA)


     The Asian American Association's goal is to promote diversity and focus on Asian culture. The Asian American Association was founded in 2001 by a student wanting to link different Asian cultures together. This created a community of students from all backgrounds and ethnicities that shared their cultures. Every student is welcome to join and you do not need to be of Asian descent. There are lots of students who are interested in Asian culture or simply just would like to learn more.


AAA Executive Board

  • Co-Presidents: Xiaojun(Tangelo)Liang & Michele Helen Reyes
  • Vice President: Jonathan Mack
  • Secretary: Amber Jackson
  • Treasurer: Navdeep Multani
  • Activities Coordinator: Mylinh(Millie)Mac
  • Historian: Vince Vergara
  • Advisor(s): Byron Martin, Stacy Hoult-Saros, Samuel Payan, and Monique Nunes



General meetings are held every other Monday at 7:00pm.
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Facebook: @Asia American (Asian American Association)



  • Annual Feast from the East Celebration
  • Food-n-Fun Nights
  • Diwali: Asian Indian New Year Celebration
  • Bubble Tea and Games
  • Guest Speakers
  • Unity Picnic
  • Field Trips
  • National Conferences


Gandi-King Center for Diversity and Global Engagement, Harre Union, Suite 203
Phone: (219)-464-6769
Fax: (219)-464-6868
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