Academic Support
The Department of Music provides Undergraduate Tutors for its first and second year courses in music theory and musicianship. Students who wish to make use of this free service may contact tutors directly to arrange for appointments or group study opportunities.   Contact information for tutors may be found in the course syllabi.  For further information on music tutors, please contact your instructor or the Chair of the Department (

For students who require extra skills-based instruction in music rudiments, MUS 102 (Fundamentals of Music) may be taken concurrently with MUS 163.  Topics in this course include fundamentals of note-reading, rhythmic notation, scales, melody, and intervals.

In addition, there are many useful websites that provide free instruction and drill on aspects of music fundamentals.  You can develop your skills with tutorials and drills at the following recommended sites:

Ricci Adams’  (
Teoria Music Theory Web  (
Dolmetsch Online (more advanced theory) (