Music Minor
At VU many students minor in music, taking advantage of systematic instruction and participation opportunities throughout college. The requirements for a music minor can be easily co-ordinated with most academic majors. A Music Minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours in music, as listed below, plus attendance at 20 authorized concerts:

  • Music 109: Musicianship I (2 credits). A practical course in which basic musicianship is developed through sight-singing, dictation, and guided listening; an introduction to non-western music is included; can be taken concurrently with Music 163.
  • Music 163: Music Theory I (3 credits). A course in the fundamentals of music, including the development of analytical and listening skills, notation, elements of pitch, rhythm, and harmonic organization, and part-writing. For more information, see the web page Getting Started in Music Theory.
  • Music 164: Music Theory II (3 credits). Continuation of Music 163, including the study of melodic organization, non-chord tones, diatonic seventh chords, secondary dominants, and modulation.
  • Music 201: Development of Western Music (2 credits). An overview of the stylistic trends in Western art music from the middle ages to the contemporary era.
  • Studio lessons (4 semesters of 1 credit each); minimal requirement is successful completion of level 103 in the performance area. Music minors are strongly encouraged (but not required) to register and participate in Music 499, Music Colloquium, which meets one hour per week for student performances, supplementary lectures, general recitals, and other all-department occasions.
  • Successful completion of Keyboard Competency Test No. 1. Students who wish to prepare for the competency test may enroll in Music 003 FV (class instruction in basic piano skills) or in Music 003 QV (private studio instruction in piano); however students may also work independently to prepare for the competency test.
  • Ensemble participation (4 semesters of a 1 credit ensemble:  choir, band, or orchestra)
Please note: Students registering for studio instruction, whether for performance study or in preparation for the Keyboard Competency Test, pay a fee of $360 per semester for weekly individual instruction with an artist-teacher.