Music Industry Studies

Students who are interested in the music industry (recording, retailing, arts management, etc.)  can elect to pursue a BA in music (40 credits) which includes a 9 credit music industry concentration.  In addition to their musical studies, these students take courses in music careers and entrepreneurship, copyright law, and an internship in a music field of their interest.  In recent years, we have had students intern with NAMM in Los Angeles (National Association of Music Merchandisers), the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Disney in Orlando, a local instrument repair shop, and a local artist talent agency to name a few.  Students who take our music industry coursework have a wide range of career aspirations, and the internship experience is designed to help move them in a particular professional direction.

Valpo's music industry program is designed for you to tailor it to your own aspirations.  Because the music major is only 40 credits, there is opportunity to take a minor or a second major in a complementary field.  One of the most popular minors among our students is the Business Administration minor, but others elect minors in communication, foreign language, English, etc.  Valpo’s College of Business Administration is among the elite 25% of business schools accredited by AACSB International, the foremost business accreditation body. This means that a Valpo business education provides you with a higher level of quality and facilitates admission to AACSB-accredited continuing education programs. Also, many top-tier businesses hire only graduates of AACSB-accredited schools.

Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, some students remain here and apply to our Graduate School for an MBA or a Masters in Arts and Entertainment Administration.

Here are some other exciting developments about music industry at Valpo:

*Our student body has just created an independent record label, with opportunities for student workers to get on-the-job training on many aspects of recording and production.

*We have an award-winning student radio station, with additional opportunities:

*In Spring 2011, we offered an audio recording technology class, where students received training in microphone placement, mixing, and post-production, among other skills.

*Our student club (Music Enterprises Student Association) takes an annual field trip to the NAMM show:

*Students from any major can take MUS 285, Introduction to the Music Industry, designed to introduce you to career options in the field


Music industry courses:  9 credits

MUS 285 Introduction to the Music Industry, 2 cr.
MUS 385 Legal Issues in the Music Industry, 2 cr.
MUS 485 Current Issues in the Music Industry, 2 cr.
MUS 486 Internship, 3 cr.

--May be combined with the 31-credit music core to complete a Music Major (Catalog, p. 147), OR
--May be taken independently, without additional coursework in music

It is suggested that students with interests in working in the music industry take a minor in a complementary field such as business, communication, or art.