Performances and Tours

There is a place for every student musician at Valparaiso University. Some students find their place through majoring in music. But you'll also find engineering students taking leads in a Musical Theatre production, nursing students playing the organ for Chapel, and business students and law students sharing a stand in the orchestra.

Many strong performers find it possible to double major in music along with another field. Others who choose not to major in music sometimes add a 16-credit music minor. And many others continue with music in college by participating in ensembles and private lessons while devoting their academic attention to other subjects.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, at VU you can study with our top performance instructors. Both music majors and non-majors take active and leading roles in ensembles and find many opportunities to make music in our new Duesenberg Recital Hall, at the Chapel of the Resurrection, and in other settings. All music-making students at VU are welcome in Department programs and activities.