The Peace and Social Justice Symposium will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16, and Thursday, Feb. 28. The purpose of the Peace & Social Justice Symposium is to actively promote civic engagement and social responsibility toward strengthening peace, justice, equality, equity, and unity on campus and in our local and global communities. The Symposium provides an avenue for discussion of global and domestic issues affecting world peace, human rights, race relations, justice, and other social concerns.

The Christ College Symposium is a premier co-curricular program of presentations and talks sponsored by the honors college for the benefit of students, faculty, alumni and the general public. The Symposium features distinguished guests from all fields of scholarship, religion, the arts, public affairs, and science, and other arenas who present their work and engage in lively exchange with the audience.

Most Symposia are held in the Christ College Refectory in Mueller Hall beginning at 6:30 pm. Some Symposia, however, take place in the Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources Community Room or in other venues. Each presentation in the series is open to the public without charge. Call Christ College at (219) 464-5022 for more information or visit their website.

Valparaiso University offers programs and facilities often only found at much larger institutions.

With all of that come opportunities that are hard to match. Kyle Hansen has taken advantage of those opportunities, as he talks about in his video.

Kyle, an engineering major from Rochelle, Ill., not only benefited from one-on-one faculty mentoring in the highly regarded College of Engineering. He also got to work on the construction of the newest building on campus, the Donald V. Fites Engineering Innovation Center, as part of an engineering internship.

Engineering students aren’t the only ones who engage in hands-on experiences at Valpo. Students take on internships at a diverse range of businesses and nonprofits, and even on campus, such as in the marketing and communication department, information technology office, and elsewhere.

2013 MLK Award Holly SinghWhen Moninder “Holly” Singh speaks to an international student about life in the United States or life on the Valparaiso University campus, Singh speaks from personal experience.

The director of international students and scholars at Valparaiso University, Singh came to the United States more than 20 years ago from New Delhi, India, to attend Valparaiso University as an undergraduate student. Heavily involved in issues centered on diversity as a student, he graduated in 1998 and later earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Valpo while working in the University’s international students office.

“Valpo, I should say, is my first home now,” Singh said. “Half of my life was in New Delhi, India, and half has now been here at Valpo. I always tell people that I was born and brought up in New Delhi, but I matured at Valparaiso.

Ask Liz Wuerffel and Allison Schuette to summarize the Welcome Project  in a brief statement, and they’ll do it in one sentence: How do we live with difference?

Of course, the multimedia venture is much more than that. But the statement gets to the heart and soul of the Welcome Project, which is a collection of stories from Valparaiso University students, faculty, and staff, as well as Valparaiso community members, that sheds light on the complex state of relationships on campus and in the surrounding community while helping others discover commonalities.

Wuerffel, adjunct assistant professor of art, and Schuette, associate professor of English, serve as co-directors of the Welcome Project. And for their work on the project, the two have been named recipients of the 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Award. Wuerffel and Schuette join Moninder “Holly” Singh, director of international students and scholars, as this year’s MLK Award recipients and will be honored at the convocation for the University’s 24th annual MLK Celebration on Monday, Jan. 21, at the Chapel of the Resurrection.

Celebrating 45 years of tradition, the Cambridge and Reutlingen study abroad programs have reached an important milestone. Established in 1968, these connections with England and Germany instituted a standard of internationalization that would encourage global interaction and expansion within the Valparaiso University community.

One day, one completely normal day at Valparaiso University, students in the library were instantly entertained by sudden dancing in the lobby of the Christopher Center. Students from around campus joined forces in a flash mob to make an ordinary day in the library an extraordinary one.

When internationally renowned artist Richard Hunt learned that his friend Josephine Ferguson had purchased a 7-foot stainless steel sculpture of his with the intent of displaying it as an outdoor piece at Valparaiso University, Hunt had a better idea. Hunt, a Chicago native, offered to create a larger outdoor piece for Ferguson and the University.

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