Student Nurses Association

What is SNA?

The Student Nurses Association is a national organization that brings student nurses together to discuss current healthcare issues as well as celebrate the nursing profession. The state level informs each school's chapter of upcoming events and issues that are important for student nurses. The National Student Nurses' Association has a national convention that raises new issues that effect the future of nursing.

Valparaiso University's Student Nurses Association is an organization of student nurses. One of the big benefits of being a member of the Student Nurses Association is being able to work with people in our community and inform the public and our university of important health issues. Each month we gather together at an informal meeting to plan community service projects that will be pursued in the upcoming months. We also relax and have fun. Also, the Student Nurses Association provides a forum to hear from nurses practicing in a wide variety of settings such as the hospital, community health, and flight nurses.

2013-2014 SNA Officers

President – Alesha Dempsey 
President Elect - Maura Stavola
Secretary - Erin Nickels
Treasurer – Jenessa Franco
Historian – Kylee Steuer
Faculty Advisor - Professor Kelly Migler

Update on NSNA Conference

National Student Nurses Association web site.

The executive board will be traveling to Nashville, TN in April to learn more about NSNA and NCLEX prep! We will update you with more information after our trip.