Nursing Academic Assistance

Help & Resources for Nursing Students

All CONHP students have access to the Virtual Nursing Learning Center (VNLC) and SIM-Center. VNLC is located in LeBien 107, and is available for all nursing students as a place for group study or independent skills practice and physical assessment techniques. SIM-Center is located in LeBien 109, and is available for simulation-based training and practice.

VNLC is open from Monday to Friday for students. Open lab hours are available for students to walk in and practice clinical skills.

Peer tutoring is available through student aids at various times. Peer tutoring hours will be posted.

Various DVDs, CD-ROMs, and Books are available upon request and may be accessed Monday through Friday from 8.00 am-5.00 pm. Students will need to complete e-requisition form available in Black Board for renting educational materials from VNLC. Please contact Prof. Abraham for more information.

The CONHP computer lab is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm and is closed on weekends and holidays.