Bachelor of Science - Health Care Leadership

The health care industry is fast-moving and always changing. Highly qualified leaders are always in demand in health care fields – and Valparaiso University’s new bachelor of science in Health Care Leadership will prepare you for those rewarding and fulfilling positions. That means a rewarding management career in health care organizations where you can change the way care is delivered to communities, making a positive difference.

Through instruction and mentoring from dedicated professors, as well as practicum/internship experience, you will develop proficiencies in management, supervision, leadership, and education. The bachelor of science in Health Care Leadership is offered through Valparaiso University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions.

Course work includes focus on leadership fundamentals, communication, educational delivery, global systems, strategic planning, ethical and legal issues, management information systems, and much more. An upper-level practicum offers students the opportunity to explore leadership roles in a real-life organizational setting.

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Kim Genovese PH.D.
Coordinator, HCL


Megan Rivera
Junior, Schererville, IN


Johnathan Nalli
CEO Porter Health System


Kathleen Holycross
President and CEO,
VNA of Porter County


Why Health Care Leadership?

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  • Unlike many economic sectors, health care shows continual growth, and exceptional leaders are needed to navigate a regulatory and business environment that grows increasingly complex.
  • Health care leaders are employable in many settings: hospitals, private practices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and related industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. 
  • This program prepares students for further education in graduate programs  in health care management and leadership, business administration, public health, and related fields.
  • The bachelor of science in Health Care Leadership is ideal for professionals currently in the workforce who are seeking to advance into management and executive positions.
  • Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in leadership skills that focus on service, purpose, ethical decision-making, and empowering individuals, as well as knowledge of the impact that environmental influences of culture, economics, law, policy and technology have on individuals within the health care industry.
  • The health care industry is seeking transformational and visionary leaders to meet the evolutionary challenges of today and tomorrow.

Employment opportunities for graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Leadership

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Leadership will appeal to students who want to gain knowledge in the fast-growing field of health care and assume a leadership position within a health care organization. It is designed to prepare students for mid-level management positions. The primary focus of study is health care, and the degree can enhance career opportunities by developing proficiencies in management, supervision, leadership, and education. The following is only a sample of careers that will be available for graduates:

Hospitals, ambulatory care, long-term care, and medical/practice groups

  • Clinical department assistant manager/manager
  • Shift leader
  • Chief technologist
  • Quality management technologist
  • Staff educator for a specific department
  • Health education instructor/planner
  • Program analyst
  • Customer service representative
  • Intake coordinator
  • Operations assistant director/director
  • Compliance auditor/officer
  • Foundations associate/director
  • Contracts administrator
  • Other positions in marketing, medical records, operations, planning and development, purchasing, quality assurance, risk management and safety, coding and reimbursement, and human resources

Insurance/payer companies

  • Contract specialist
  • Provider relations coordinator
  • Marketing and community relationship associate
  • Physician liaison/recruiter
  • Process improvement coordinator
  • Claims service analyst
  • Marketing associate
  • Customer service specialist
  • Membership administrator

Pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies/devices sales, and research laboratories

  • Sales
  • Product developers
  • Consultants
  • Grant managers
  • Research project directors
  • Analyst
  • Fraud and abuse analyst
  • Marketing associates/directors
  • Quality control analyst

Governmental agencies (including federal, state and local agencies)

  • Policy analyst
  • Cost/benefit analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Legislative analyst
  • Legislative affairs manager
  • Representative/senator
  • Quality assurance/improvement associate
  • Grants administrator
  • Government program assistant manager/manager
  • Health promotions strategist

For more detailed information, including course listings, download the Health Care Leadership fact sheet.