Philosophy Club:

The Philosophy Club is a student organization open to anyone with an interest in philosophy. For more information, contact the chair of the department at

Mailing list:

The Philosophy Club maintains an electronic mailing list. It is intended to be a forum for philosophical discussion as well as a means for disseminating information about club meetings and events. To join this list, send an email to

with the following text in the message:

subscribe philosphyclub-l

(notice the elided spelling; the last character is a lower-case "L").

Ethics Team:

In the spirit of dialectical philosophy, the department hs historically organized and sponsored a group of students to participate in a variety of regional and national ethics competitions called "Ethics Bowls".  Over the years VU teams have established a remarkable record of achievement in national competitions.  For more information, or just to view the department's collection of trophies, contact Dr. Kevin Geiman at

phil course in progress