Areas of Study

Exercise Science

Prof. Kelly Helm, Director


The Exercise Science program at Valparaiso University is a science-based undergraduate curriculum designed to provide a background in the exercise sciences. Special emphasis is placed upon the primary disciplines of anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sport psychology and motor learning. Other required curricular areas include chemistry, math, physics, physiology and psychology.

Physical Education Teacher Education

Prof. Barbara Tyree, Director


The Physical Education Teacher Education concentration is designed to offer students a comprehensive background in theoretical and practical aspects of physical education. Graduates of the physical education: teacher education program are prepared to serve as teachers of physical education and health, as coaches, and in other recreational fields, as well as continue their education in graduate school.

Although physical education in the school setting is a continuing area of professional opportunity, personal physical activity and enjoyment of spectator sports have created new areas of opportunity for the physical educator.

Sports Management

Dr. Minyong Lee & Dr. David Rolling

The undergraduate Sport Management program is a very popular program at Valparaiso University. It prepares students for careers in professional sports, college athletics, amateur sports, youth sports, or corporate positions with a sport-related component. The Sports Mangement program has been an established major of the college of Arts & Sciences for close to 20 years. We have produced many graduates who have been successful in the fields of their choice, many coming back to Valparaiso University as graduate students in the Sports Administration program.

Masters Science Sports Administration/JD Program

Dr. Minyong Lee & Dr. David Rolling

The Master of Science in Sports Administration (MSSA) is a 34 or 35 credit program for men and women interested in pursuing careers in the management of sports personnel and facilities. The program capitalizes, builds upon and interfaces with the University's NCAA Division status. Graduates of this program may assume supervisory and administrative position in a variety of settings, including public recreation systems, voluntary agencies, facility and event management, community based athletic programs, and professional sports organizations.

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