Physical Education Teacher Education


The Physical Education Teacher Education concentration is designed to offer students a comprehensive background in theoretical and practical aspects of physical education. Graduates of the physical education: teacher education program are prepared to serve as teachers of physical education and health, as coaches, and in other recreational fields, as well as continue their education in graduate school.

Although physical education in the school setting is a continuing area of professional opportunity, personal physical activity and enjoyment of spectator sports have created new areas of opportunity for the physical educator.

Program requirements

Students who plan to teach in the elementary or secondary schools with a major or minor in Physical Education Teacher Education must also complete a complementary major in secondary education. Students completing this degree will be certified to teach physical education P-12 and health 7-12.

This teaching major requires a minimum of 53 credit hours.

Students must also pass all portions of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) and gain formal admission into the Teacher Education program in the Education department.

Courses Required for a Physical Education Teacher Education Major:

Course Cr.
Program Requirements
KIN 150 Foundations of Kinesiology & Sport 3 cr.
KIN 155 Dance Patterns 2 cr.
KIN 165 Gymnastics 2 cr.
KIN 175 Experiential Education 2 cr.
KIN 270 Teaching Swimming 2 cr.
KIN 289 Elementary Methods 3 cr.
KIN 315 Teaching Individual Sports 3 cr.
KIN 325 Teaching Team Sports 3 cr.
KIN 340 Motor Learning 3 cr.
KIN 360 Adapted Physical Education 3 cr.
KIN 370 Kinesiology I 3 cr.
KIN 410 Measurement & Evaluation 3 cr.
KIN 489 Special Methods 3 cr.
One of the following classes:
KIN 372 Kinesiology II 3 cr.
KIN 386 Fitness Assessment & Prescription 3 cr.
KIN 440 Physiology of Exercise 3 cr.
Health Education Requirements
KIN 190 First Aid/CPR 2 cr.
KIN 230 Seminar in Health 3 cr.
KIN 231 Drugs in American Society 3 cr.
KIN 388 Methods of Teaching Health 3 cr.
One of the following classes:
KIN 191 First Aid Instructor Certification 1 cr.
KIN 192 Sport First Aid 1 cr.
One of the following classes:
BIO 205 Fundamental Nutrition 3 cr.
BIO 260 Human Nutrition 3 cr.

The complementary major in Secondary Education must include:

Course Cr.
Education Requirements
ED 203 Intro to Teaching 3 cr.
ED 304 Educational Psychology 3 cr.
ED 306 School & Society 3 cr.
ED 350 Seminar: Inquiry through Case Study 0 cr.
ED 308 Technology as Pedagogy 2 cr.
ED 351 Seminar: Efficacy through Curriculum & Assessment 0 cr.
ED 357 Curriculum & Assessment 3 cr.
ED 489 Methods 3 cr.
ED 450 Seminar: Equity in Education 0 cr.
ED 460 Literacies in the Content Area 3 cr.
ED 470 Home, School, Community Relationships 3 cr.
SPED 440 Learning Exceptionalities 3 cr.
ED 459 Student Teaching 12
ED 451 Seminar: Efficacy through Professional Praxis 1 cr.
ED 452 Seminar: Undergraduate Research 1 cr.

Physical Education Teacher Education Careers 

Students completing the major in Physical Education Teacher Education, with the complimentary major in Secondary Education, will be certified in Indiana to teach physical education K-12 and health 7-12. Indiana has a reciprocity agreement with most states regarding teacher certification, allowing teachers certified in Indiana to teach in most states without further education. Information on this subject is available on each state's Department of Education Web site.

For further assistance please contact:

Dr. Barbara Tyree, Director
Physical Education Teacher Education Program