Sports Administration (MS) & Dual (JD) Degrees

Sports Administration

The Master of Science in Sports Administration (MSSA) is a 39-credit program for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the management of sports personnel and facilities. The program capitalizes, builds upon and interfaces with the University's NCAA Division I status. Graduates of this program may assume supervisory or administrative positions in a variety of settings, including public recreation systems, voluntary agencies, facility and event management, community based athletic programs or professional sports organizations.

Sports Administration Dual Law (JD) Program

The JD/MSSA program offers students in the Valparaiso University School of Law a dual law (JD) and Sports Administration (MS) degree program. Together these programs require 114 credits. Law students must meet all the standard admissions requirements for the program.

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Dr. David Rolling, Ph.D.
Director, Sports Management/Sports Administration