What Our Alumni are Doing

Our alumni go on to do a wide variety of things. Here is a short list of what some of our alumni are doing. Please email us or use the alumni blog to keep us posted.

Graduate Schools:

University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana (Noah Schroeder, 2008)
University of Washington-Pullman (Ben Anderson, 2008)
Kent State (Larry Selvy, 2008)
Vanderbilt (Jared Friedhoff, 2008)


High School Physics, Monticello, IN (Jeff Massura)
High School Physics (Micah Borcherding)
High School Physics, Rosemount, MN (Marta Stoeckel)


Patent Lawyer (Brad Theis, Cindy Barnett)


Tom Heitmann (2000): Missouri Research Reactor Center (MURR)


Military (Ralph Asher)
Defense Industry (Lindsey Hillesheim)

Aerospace, nuclear safeguarding, HS teacher (Dave Baran 1983)