Careers in Education

There is a vast demand for physics teachers at the middle and high school level that is not currently being met. Educators and school administrators claim that people who are qualified to teach high school physics will have no trouble finding good paying positions because there are just too few qualified people available for all the open positions.

Recent reports have indicated that each year there are 1000 new physics teacher positions opening in high schools across the country, but there are only 300 physics-trained people available. This demand will only increase, in part due to a drive to create a "physics first" approach to teaching science in high school. One of the lead physics organizations in the US, the American Physical Society (APS), has called on schools to double the number of physics majors, in large part to meet this demand.

At Valpo, we have traditionally had a larger percentage of our students going onto teach in High School than the national average, partly because many VU students are deeply interested in service and directly improving the lives of others in their communities. Teaching is one way to do this.

New Program Alert! Starting in Fall 2012, a new science education program will begin, called MSEED. The progam provides resources, training, and mentoring to science and math education majors. For more information, please go to


We have two degree options for those interested in teaching in high school:

  1. The traditional secondary education route: double major in Secondary Education and Physics.
  2. The LEAPs programs.

LEAPs stands for Lutheran Education Alliance with Parochial Schools. It provides tuition and a stipend while you earn your teaching certification. More information can be found at