VU Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Friday, November 7, 2008. Join us in NSC 238 at 3:05 for refreshments (note different room). Talk starts at 3:20 in NSC 224.

"Multichannel Partial-Wave Analysis of Antikaon-Nucleon Scattering"

Mark Manley, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Kent State University

When negatively charged kaons (antikaons) are scattered from a hydrogen target (protons), their interaction may result in the formation of exceedingly short-lived intermediate particles known as hyperon resonances. Hyperons are a type of particles called baryons of which ordinary protons and neutrons are examples. The hyperons that are the subject of this talk contain a single strange quark and are of two types - Lambda particles and Sigma particles. The properties (e.g., mass and quantum numbers) of the hyperons are not nearly so well known as for the baryons that do not contain strange quarks. The analysis that will be discussed makes use of information from several scattering reactions involving different particles in the final state to deduce the properties of the Lambda and Sigma particles.