Neils Colloquia on Innovative Science (NCIS)

Friday, September 9, at 3:30 PM in NSC 234. Join us for refreshments in the NSC lobby at 3:10 PM.

"The Synthetic Control andFunctionalization of Porosity – A keytool for the development of criticalmaterials for energy generation,storage, and use"

Dr. Michael J. Pellin, Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory

The cost, control, and environmental impact of energy production, storage and use remains a "grand challenge" of our times. The efficacy of our solutions to this challenge will to a significant extent determine everyone's standard of living. Almost uniformly, energy technologies are limited by available material properties. Consequently, the discovery of new materials with improved properties perhaps drivenby new synthetic methods is a requisite for addressing the energy challenge. We have been building a toolkit for controlling the porosity of materials and for functionalizing the surfaces of that porosity. The methodologies based on the principles of Atomic Layer Deposition allow layer by layer control of the composition of nearly bulk solids while controlling both the scale and the "openness" of the solid. We will show the use of this toolkit for producing materials with important properties for energy technologies ranging from photovoltaics, to catalysis, to nuclear energy.