Neils Colloquia on Innovative Science (NCIS)

Friday, October 21, at 3:30 PM in NSC 234. Join us for refreshments in the NSC lobby at 3:15 PM.

"Astrobiology, Life, and Space Exploration: Interdisciplinary Research and Technology in the Real World"


Dr. Margaret Race, SETI Institute


Searching for 'ET' takes more than just rocket scientists. The field of Astrobiology is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor -- integrating diverse scientific and technological disciplines in research about life, locations and natural processes -- on Earth and beyond, in the past, present and future. As scientists and others consider expanded activities in space, they have also recognized the need for guidelines on responsible exploration and planetary protection. The scenarios in space are also different enough that they require input from the humanities and social sciences to deal with the diverse ethical, legal, and societal issues ahead.Coincidentally, current deliberations about space activities and astrobiology provide useful insights to questions on the implications and potential impacts of other emerging technologies here on Earth.