VU Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Friday, March 20, at 3:20 PM in NSC 224. Join us for refreshments in NSC 231 at 3:05 PM.

"Meteorological Doppler Radar and VU's Simultaneous Dual-Polarization System"

Dr. Bart Wolf, Chair, Department of Geography and Meteorology, Valparaiso University


Meteorological Doppler radar is one of the most important tools used in atmospheric remote sensing. The first portion of the presentation will trace the historical development of this technology, outline basic foundational concepts and their applications to real-time weather monitoring, as well as touch on the physical limitations of these systems. The second part of the talk will discuss recent advances in the field of radar meteorology, emphasizing dual polarization methods of the type employed by VU's new radar and soon to be implemented nationwide by the National Weather Service.