VU Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Friday, January 15, at 3:20 PM in NSC 224. Join us for refreshments in NSC 231 at 3:05 PM.

"Assessing the Influence of Chinese Pollution on Air Quality in Japan in Summer: Initial Results from My Fulbright Research Project"

Dr. Gary Morris, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Valparaiso University 

In this presentation, we examine the impact of China's pollution on Japan during summer through the use of Aura satellite data (2004 - 2009), ozonesonde data (2000 - 2009), and data from air quality surface monitors (2000 - 2009). Using the NASA GSFC kinematic trajectory model, we link air transported from China and Korea to higher surface ozone in Hokkaido and Kyushu. Significant summertime tropospheric trends that appear in ozonesonde profiles from Sapporo also are linked to increasing pollution burdens in China. Finally, we show a demonstration of a new technique for balloon-borne SO2 profile measurements that may be helpful in future studies of transported pollution from China.