VU Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Friday, January 7, at 3:20 PM in NSC 224. Join us for refreshments in NSC 231 at 3:05 PM.

"My Best Science-Related Read of 2010"

The Physics & Astronomy Faculty and Staff, Valparaiso University  

As staff members in the Valparaiso University Department of Physics &Astronomy we pursue science in our professional lives. We also commonlypursue our understanding of science in our personal lives by reading sciencerelatedbooks of many different stripes. We will use this opportunity toreview some of “Our Best Science-Related Reads of 2010” with the hope ofrelating our enthusiasm for these topics and books. Come find out a bit moreabout the books we have read and enjoyed over the past year. Maybe you willfind one (or more) books to add to your must-read list for 2011!

We will be reviewing the following books:

109 East Palace: Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos by Jennet Conant

The Disappearing Spoon, and Other True Talesof Madness, Love, and the History of the Worldfrom the Periodic Table of the Elements by Sam Kean

13 Things That Don't Make Sense by Michael Brooks

Kepler's Witch: An Astronomer's Discovery of Cosmic Order Amid Religious War, Political Intrigue, and the Heresy Trial of His Mother by James Connor

The First Copernican: Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution by Dennis Danielson

Circles: Fifty Round Trips Through History Technology Science and Culture by JamesBurke