VU Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Friday, January 20, at 3:30 PM in NSC 221. Join us for refreshments in the Planetarium at 3:10 PM.

"Neutrino Oscillations: A Door to New Physics"


Dr. Brian Rebel, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


One of the surprising results in High Energy Physics in the last
15 years was the evidence that neutrinos oscillate, or change
flavor, between their points of production and interaction. For
example, about two thirds of the electron neutrinos produced in solar
fusion reactions have been shown to change into a mixture of muon and
tau neutrinos as they propagate out of the Sun. These neutrino
oscillations, also observed in man-made neutrino beams and neutrinos
from nuclear reactors, are the result of neutrinos having mass, an
indication of physics requiring extensions to the Standard Model. In
this talk I will present the current understanding of neutrino
oscillations and the outstanding questions about oscillations. I will
also describe the next generation of accelerator-based experiments,
NOvA and LBNE, that will attempt to answer those questions.