VU Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Friday, April 13, at 3:30 PM in NSC 221. Join us for refreshments in the Planetarium at 3:10 PM.

"Observing the High Energy Universe with VERITAS"


Dr. John Millis, Department of Physics & Chemistry, Anderson University

Over the last several decades the field of gamma-ray astronomy has changed our understanding of the Universe’s most dynamic objects. The commissioning of VERITAS, currently the most sensitive observatory in the world above ~100 GeV, in 2007 and the launch of the Fermi gamma-ray satellite in 2009 has led to unprecedented coverage and sensitivity to the highest energy radiation. These ground breaking observatories have made it possible to investigate the source of cosmic rays, black hole jet structures and even "dark" TeV accelerators. A background of gamma-ray astronomy will be presented, as well as recent key results from the VERITAS experiment. And we will conclude with a look into the future of gamma-ray astronomy.