Spring 2013 Kress Lecture

Kress Lecture in Conjunction with the Christ College Symposium

We are honored to host Dr. Dennis Danielson for our annual Kress Lecture series. This lecture will take place at a special time and place:

Thursday, February 14 at 6:30 PM in Neils Room 234.

The Copernican Revolution, revising the CP

Dr. Dennis Danielson, University of British Columbia, Department of English

Sixty years ago the steady-state astronomer Hermann Bondi coined the term “Copernican principle” (CP) to sum up the idea that Earth “is not in a central, specially favoured position” in the universe. Since then, the CP has become a commonplace notion among cosmologists. With the help of some of those cosmologists, however, as well as of Copernicus himself, I will suggest that clear-thinking scientists (along with the rest of us) need to critique and revise the CP.