Physics 141 Laboratory

Here you'll find resources here for the lab,including the lab syllabus and appendices, lab write-ups, pre-lab assignments,Excel templates, lab staff contact information, and announcements.

Note that you must print out the lab write-ups beforecoming to lab. You may not print the lab write-ups on the lab printers.

Lab Final Preparation

How to prepare for the lab final.  

Lab 7

Pre-lab: complete the pre-lab on Moment of Inertia before coming to lab.

Experiment: Moment of Inertia.  

Lab 6

Pre-lab: complete the pre-lab on Collisions before coming to lab.

Experiment: Collisions

Lab 5

Pre-lab: complete the pre-lab on Propagation of Errors before coming to lab.  

Experiment: Work-Energy Theorem.

Lab 4

Pre-lab: complete the Uniform Circular Motion Pre-Lab before coming to lab.

Write-up:  Uniform Circular Motion.

Lab 3

Pre-lab: Complete the Force & Acceleration Pre-Lab before coming to lab.

Lab write-up: Lab 3--Force & Acceleration.  

Lab 2

Pre-lab: Complete the Projectile Motion Pre-Lab before coming to lab. 

Lab write-up: Lab 2--Projectile Motion

Lab 1

Pre-lab: Complete the Introduction to Excel exercise before your first lab meeting!

Lab write-up: Lab 1--Introduction.