Summer 2007

These VU students were research students in the summer 2007, either at Valparaiso University (VU) or at other research centers around the world.

Astronomy at VU with Profs. Hillwig and Hrivnak

  • Erin Lueck
  • Joe Malan (Journalism major)
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Callista Steele
  • Chris Wagner

Subnuclear Physics at VU with Profs. Koetke and Stanislaus

  • Ansel Hillmer
  • Dan Trubey
  • Melissa Bitters (from Ball State)

Atmospheric Physics with Prof. Morris, various places, including VU, Houston, D.C., and Panama. All Meteorology majors.

  • Alex Bryan
  • Brittni Emery
  • David Lutz
  • Mike Orendorff
  • Marc Taylor
  • Elizabeth Thompson

Surface Physics at VU with Prof. Richter

  • Ben Anderson
  • David Hillhouse (pre-med major)

REU and other programs at other institutions

  • Jared Friedhoff (at Vanderbilt)
  • Noah Schroeder (at Notre Dame)
  • Larry Selvy (at UNLV)