Summer 2009

These VU students were research students in the summer 2009, either at Valparaiso University (VU) or at other research centers around the world.

Astronomy at VU with Prof. Hrivnak

  • Zach Nault
  • Kristie Shaw

Subnuclear Physics at VU with Profs. Manweiler and Stanislaus

  • Andrew Schiller
  • Ben Barber
  • Josh Kellams

Computational Condensed Matter Physics with Prof. Zygmunt

  • Megan Kania

Subnuclear Physics at NIST with Prof. Koetke

  • Ansel Hillmer
  • Tim Olson 

Atmospheric Physics at Hokkaido University (Japan) with Prof. Morris

  • Nate Kellams 

Nanoscience at U. Memphis with Prof. Richter (mentor: Dr. Eugene Pinkhassik)

  • Sam Schaub 

REU and other programs at other institutions

  • Dan Brant (Fermilab)
  • Disa Walden (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Stephen Dolph (U. Delaware)
  • Katelyn Holub (Vanderbilt)

Some Summer Photos (Coming Soon)