Investigator: Dr. Andrew Richter

Firmly within the area of nanoscience, this research project involves four major components:

 nanoporous  Examining artificial liposomes and nanoporous thin films for use in sensor and drug delivery applications. This is done in collaboration with Dr. Pinkhassik at the University of Memphis.
 x-ray  Using high-intensity x-ray and neutron scattering to study nano-sized materials.
 Protein Studying the interaction of proteins with organic films
 SAMs Making and studying organic thin films. 

For the x-ray work, we commonly travel to the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Lab outside of Chicago. This billion dollar machine provides some of the most brilliant x-ray beams on the planet.

For the neutron work, we have traveled to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, NIST in Maryland, and the ILL in Grenoble, France.