Summer 2012 Research Opportunities

As part of our ongoing commitment to relevant and rewarding undergraduate physics education, we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of research opportunities for our undergraduate students to work with the faculty in cutting-ege projects. This year, contigent on grant funding, we may have positions availabe in Astronomy, Atmospheric Physics, Computational Condensed Matter, Nuclear & Particle Physics, and Physics Pedagogy. Please visit the links on the left to see the descriptions of the positions.

Any student interested in one (or more) of these projects should fill out an application form and submit it to Lynn Wellsand in the main office by Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Decisions will be made by the end of March.

Links are provided below to the presentations on available research areas (pdf files). The full set will be posted in the near future.

Astronomy (Dr. Hillwig)

Astronomy (Dr. Hrivnak)

Atmospheric Physics (Dr. Morris)

Computational Physics (Dr. Zygmunt)

Nuclear & Particle Physics (Drs. Stanislaus, Koetke, & Gibson-Even)