Nuclear & Particle Physics

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: It is anticipated that there will be an opportunity this summer (2014) for several students to work as research assistants with Profs. Gibson-Even,  KoetkeGrosnick, and Stanislaus, and with Dr. Drachenberg and Mr. Paul Nord. The research project will afford you the opportunity to work closely with one or more of us in data analysis, calibration, and/or simulation studies on the STAR experiment (to understand the origin of the spin of the proton and to understand the spin structure of the proton more generally), and/or the SNS/LANL neutron EDM (nEDM) experiment. For more information about these experiments and links to their sites, visit Nuclear and Particle Physics or this nEDM home page [].

LOCATION: The majority of the STAR work will probably be done here at VU. It is possible that one or more students may be based at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for work on the nEDM experiment.  It may be possible for you to do some work, or at least visit, a national laboratory (in 2013 students visited Argonne, Fermilab, Brookhaven, and Jefferson Labs).  

REQUIREMENTS: Much of the work will be computer related. Some knowledge of C++ programming is desired. (If you do not know C++ but have had some programming experience you may be able to learn C++ as part of the summer work or in preparation for it.) You will learn to use a graphical analysis package (ROOT) for plotting and analysis of data. There will be opportunities to learn analysis techniques as well as to learn more about the science of nuclei and elementary particles. Students are expected to contribute to a poster presentation at VU, and VU-based students to contribute to a "brown bag" research talk on campus.  Most years, students have been selected by the NSF CEU program to present poster presentations based on their work at the American Physical Society's Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) conference.

DATES & STIPEND: The summer appointment will be for about 10 weeks, with specific work schedules to be discussed. The salary will be around $410 per week with consideration given to prior experience. It is anticipated that housing for work done at VU will be awarded cost-free by the University. Housing and transportation costs for any work done away from VU will be paid for by the supporting research grant..

APPLICATION & DEADLINE: Applications can be obtained from the Department of Physics and Astronomy web site.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit completed applications as soon as possible to Ms. Wellsand (NSC-237). The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, 14 February 2014.  Please see Profs. Gibson-Even, Koetke, or Stanislaus, or Dr. Drachenberg, in person or contact them by e-mail (click on names above) if you have questions about the position.