Our students get personal, one-on-one, advising from the faculty, helping them navigate the university requirements, the physics degree, and career decisions. Unlike at a large public university, the vast majority of our students are able to graduate in 4 years, meaning that there's one less year to pay tuition, and less frustration about getting good advising and into required courses.

Besides through repeated interaction in the hallways and classrooms, faculty can do a better job assessing students goals and problems through the use of our Personal Inventory Worksheet. We ask each student to print and fill out one of these forms each year so we can help students strengthen their studies and acheive their goals.

Students requesting recommendation letters to graduate schools are requested to print out and fill out the Recommendation Request Form.

Another document that may be of use is our suggested course sequence. You'll find two different sequences: one for those entering on an even numbered year, and one for those entering on an odd number year.

To download these files, right-click the link and choose "save as" or "save link as":

Personal Inventory Worksheet (Word document)

Recommendation Request Form (Excel document)

Course Sequence Outline (pdf document)