Political Science and International Relations at Valparaiso University

The study of political science has occupied a central position in the liberal arts. This field focuses on the values that humans should seek and the particular legal and structural organizations that allow us to realize our desired values. Contemporary political science combines this concern for normative issues with an additional focus on scientific procedures, and empirical and quantitative methodology.

The study of politics and international relations has never been more important than today. Events that occur across the globe and in remote places around the world impact our daily lives. As a result of revolutionary technological change, relations within and between states are being reconfigured almost daily. The majors in Political Science and International Relations at Valparaiso University give students the background, experience, and analytical tools to make sense of, and prepare for dealing with this dynamic and rapidly changing world.

Majors in Political Science
Community-Based Learning
Off-Campus Programs

majorsThe department offers two majors: one in Political Science and one in International Relations. Students choosing the Political Science major can concentrate in three separate areas: general political science, legal studies, or public policy and public administration. Students selecting the International Relations major can choose from courses focusing on international relations and international law, foreign policy, industrialized countries, developing states, Latin America, East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  


crscThe Department of Political Science at Valparaiso University opened the Community Research and Service Center (CRSC) in the fall of 1995. The primary goals of the CRSC are to provide research assistance and other services to government, not-for-profit organizations, and businesses in Northwest Indiana while simultaneously providing opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in the process of developing and executing applied research projects.


For many years the Political Science Department has been sending students to Washington D.C. and to the United Nations. These programs have proved to be very beneficial to our students throughout the years; there is no better place to learn about Politics than in D.C. or at the United Nations. Programs are also available in China, Africa, Spain, France, Mexico, Germany, and England.