Faculty Profile

James Kingsland

Professor Emeritus



kingslandJames Kingsland was born in North Carolina and raised at the center of the Universe (Brooklyn, N.Y.). He graduated from Erasmus Hall High School two years ahead of Barbra Streisand. Professor Kingsland majored in Political Science at Western Reserve University, which is now known as Case-Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio. He then began graduate work in the African studies program at Northwestern and spent a year doing field research for his Ph.D. in Sierra Leone West Africa. After teaching at Penn State for about seven years he came to Valparaiso to attend law school. After practicing law for more than ten years he tired of helping rich people stay rich and returned to teaching. He now teaches Law and Politics course at Valparaiso University.


Ph.D. - Northwestern University 
J.D. - Valparaiso University 
B.A. - Case Western University