Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship

Five Political Science students working with the Community Research and Service Center were selected by the Dean of the College of Arts and Science to give an oral presentation of their work at the CELEBRATION OF UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP this year.  The Deans of Valparaiso University’s five undergraduate colleges select students to represent their college at the Deans’ Choice Presentations.  The students were, Chris Jackson, Dan Klosowski, Evan Korshavn, Alan Kus, and Keith Liput.  The research they presented was entitled “Flooding, Drainage, and Sewer Problems in the City of Valparaiso.”  The report on which the presentation was based was the result of a request by the City of Valparaiso to help solve recent extensive flooding and drainage problems that had occurred in the City.  A questionnaire developed by the City and The CRSC and was distributed to approximately 12,000 households. It asked each household about the types of problems they had, how severe they were, and what they had done to try and solve the problems.  A total of 1835 households responded.  The report details the types of problems and where they have occurred. In addition, a map was created identifying the areas where various problems had occurred. These maps are all available online for closer inspection at: http://www.valpo.edu/organization/copc/flooding.  A complete copy of the report is available at http://www.valparaisoutilities.org/stormwater/Reports/Valpo%20Flooding%20Report%20-%20Final.pdf