Areas of Study


Students may select one of two majors in the department: Political Science or International Relations. Both majors include a minimum of 30 credit hours.

The following courses are required for all students in both majors:

  • POLS 120 The Government of the United States

  • POLS 130 Comparative Politics

  • POLS 240 Political Theory

  • POLS 493 Senior Seminar in Political Science

Students also have the option of completing an expanded major in either Political Science or International Relations of at least 40 credit hours.  Students choosing this option are not required to complete a minor or second major for graduation.


Minors in Political Science: Minors in the department of Political Science and International Relations include a minimum of 18 credit hours in political science or international relations.  Minors in General Political Science, International Relations, Legal Studies, or Public Policy and Public Administration are offered.