Prelaw at Valparaiso University

Welcome to the Valparaiso University Pre-Law homepage. Here, you will find many suggestions for the aspiring lawyer at Valpo, as well as a wealth of information about law schools, the Law School Admissions Test, and more.

A Valpo education prepares you for law school by developing your analytical abillities and enhancing your verbal and written communication skills. Pre-Law at Valpo provides you with the preparatory base that you will need to excel in your law school courses and in your legal career.

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Pre-Law Advisors

James Old
Department of Political Science Assistant Director
Huegli 28
(219) 464-6948

Kathleen Gibson
Pre-Law Program Contact
Huegli 132
(219) 464-5318

Larry Baas
Department of Political Science - Chair
Huegli 308
(219) 464-5266

Jason Paupore
Department of Communications - Assistant Professor
Schnabel 7
(219) 464-5271

Elizabeth Gingerich
College of Business Law - Associate Professor
Urschel 207
(219) 464-5044

Donna Guydan
Accounting and Business Law - Lecturer
Urschel 221
(219) 464-5066