General Program Description

Students can prepare for entrance into medical, dental, veterinary, medical technology, physical therapy, and other health-related programs by entering one of the premedical arts programs of the College of Arts and Sciences at VU. Students in these programs must have their schedules approved each semester by an assigned premedical arts academic advisor. Advising in the premedical arts is handled by premedical advisors, who are members of the Committee on the Pre-Medical Arts. All recommendations to the professional schools are sent out by this Committee.

Premedical and pre-dental students are invited to join the Pre-Medical Arts Club, a student organization which promotes interest in medicine and dentistry through a program of guest lectures and social events. Those with outstanding academic records may be invited to join Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national medical honorary society.

In some fields such a medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, completion of a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree is often required before admission to a professional school. However, if three years or less of college work are needed for entrance into a professional program, a student may earn a bachelor's degree through the University's Combined Liberal Arts-Medical Arts program. This involves three years of work at Valparaiso University and one year of work at an approved professional school. This program is often used by students in medical technology.

Students who want to enter allied health fields which require two years or less of college preparation may want to earn the Associate in Science Degree. Further information about allied health fields may be obtained from the office of the Allied Health Adviser, Professor Jim Nelson.

Premedical students are strongly encouraged to get a taste of professional practice by participating in a supervised Health Care Professional Apprenticeship, for which credit can be obtained by registering for GS 394. Further information is available in the Valparaiso University general catalog and from premedical arts advisors.