Graduate Student Advisory Council
The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) advises The Graduate School about student needs and concerns. Members are usually appointed by the Graduate Dean in consultation with Program Directors, but self-nominations are also considered. Members of GSAC are expected to represent the interests of fellow students in their program to The Graduate School. The Graduate Dean typically invites council members to dinner once or twice each semester to discuss their ideas and provide information and feedback about their experiences.

2011-2012 Graduate Student Advisory Council Representatives

Student Representative Program Represented Contact Information
Julie Maynard
Business Administration
Joel Maidens
Chinese Studies
John Bayard
Chinese Studies
Beth Adamski Counseling & Psychology
Jeremy Waddell
Counseling & Psychology
Yelin Zhao
ESC/TESOL (English Studies & Communication)
Aman Wolde
Information Technology & Management
Juliana Gama
ICP (International Commerce & Policy)
Ariana VeigaBarbosa
ICP (International Commerce & Policy)
Andrew Layman
IEF (International Economics & Finance)
Saima Abbasi
IEF (International Economics & Finance)
Barnell Coppage
Benjamin Weinberg
Media & Communication
Tatianah Green
Media & Communication
Marlee Kalvaitis
Nadine Burns Nursing
Kyle Ekberg Sports Admin
Kathryn Boldt Sports Admin
Andrew Stem Sports Media

    Meeting days (usually twice a semester) will be announced.  Meetings are typically from 5:00 - 6:00 pm.

    If you have suggestions or concerns about your program, please feel free to contact one of the representatives above via email, or meet them after class. We want to hear from you.