Certificate in World Regions

The Graduate School encourages its students to complement their degrees by adding certificates to their credentials.  Much like a minor in undergraduate education, certificates allow students to focus on a secondary area of graduate study.  The 12-credit world region certificates for graduate students provide a survey of the cultures, governments, and histories of specific regions of the world.  These certificates may be added to any Master's degree for specialization or taken as a stand-alone certificate to familiarize those working in these regions with the people who inhabit them.  In particular, students seeking degrees in TESOL, International Commerce and Policy, International Economics and Finance, and Arts and Entertainment Administration may find such certificates helpful in understanding a specific geographic region and culture, as well as useful in demonstrating familiarity and knowledge about that region to employers.  For some Master's degrees, up to six credits of certificate coursework may be incorporated into the degree requirements through careful planning and selection of electives.  

For any certificate, students must include at least one history or geography course, or show evidence that they have met the requirement inherent in such coursework.  Student may apply up to 8 credits of foreign language coursework to the certificate.

Asian Studies Certificate European Studies Certificate
Hispanic Studies Certificate African Studies Certificate