International Student SpotLight

Name: Christi Florence Calina, Maria Aurora Alfaras 

Hometown: Kalibo, Iloilo, Philippines

Major: MS IT Computing, MS Nursing Education 

Languages: Tagalog, Hiligaynon, English

What shocked you upon coming to the US?  

  •  Weather, Indiana summers are chilly!
  •  Houses look small but are big (basements, attics)
  •  Lack of fast public transportation
  • People greet you even though you don't know them

What do you like best about Valpo?  

  • Friendly, helpful, smiling people
  • Easy access to lots of resources, especially research technology
  • Very peaceful in Valpo, no traffic

If you were given a flight ticket today, it would be to... 

  • Christi - home to Philippines with a layover in England
  • Maria - round-the-world trip!