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This year the Harre Union has teamed up with the Chapel to provide

SIX different Spring Break Service Opportunities!


Below are brief descriptions of each of the trips we will be sponsoring and the learning outcomes and experiences students can expect while participating in these trips.  All trips will leave the university on March 2nd and return on March 9th and will be traveling via 7 passenger van. Some trips may have an overnight stay in an additional city to break up the drive. Total cost for each trip is listed below.



Student Experience

Learning Outcomes

Harvey, Illinois


Students will travel to Harvey to volunteer with Restoration Ministries who work to serve people through their residential recovery program, the Harvey House School of Ministry, after- school program, food pantry, assistance and outreach programs, and administrative offices. These free, 18-month residential Christian training facilities assist, develop and train people who have overcome their drug and alcohol addictions.   Learn the challenges of overcoming addiction and how the Harvey House has brought hope to this poor, urban environment.

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

$215 + Some Meals

Help the locals of an Indian Reservation build and restore homes. Learn about the challenges faced by Native Americans.

Minot, North Dakota

$215 + Some Meals

The purpose of the trip is to repair and do clean-up from the major floods that impacted Minot. Participants will team up with Lutheran Social Services for this trip. Learn how natural disasters affect communities and how volunteers have helped families in these communities continue to rebuild.

New Jersey

$215 + Some Meals

This trip will bring students to the east coast where Hurricane Sandy recently caused severe damage to many communities. Students will aid in different rebuilding projects needed to get families in these communities back on their feet.   Learn how natural disasters affect communities and how volunteers have helped families in these communities continue to rebuild.

New Orleans, Louisiana

$215 + Some Meals

Travel to Camp Restore and work with several different projects throughout New Orleans. These projects help the citizens of New Orleans as they continue to rebuild and adapt to the changes and challenges of their city post Hurricane Katrina. Learn how even after 7 years of work, New Orleans is still not fully recovered and what that means for New Orleans natives.

Detroit, Michigan


In many ways, Detroit is an icon of post-industrial America. Learn how a consortium of urban churches are seizing this opportunity to reinvent church in the city. This trip will include direct service opportunities as well as a thorough orientation to a city in transition.  Increase your understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Detroit and other cities like it. 

Space on each of these trips is limited. If you are interested in participating in one of these trips, please fill out the information on the attached sheet and return to Jessica Wilson in the Student Organization Suite by no later than Friday, January 25th at noon along with a $50 deposit via check (made out to Valparaiso University) or cash). Trips will be granted on a first come first serve basis and will be assigned based on interest and fit by Union and Chapel staff members. If you have questions, please contact Jessica at 219.464.6710 or by email at Jessica.wilson2@valpo.edu.




Click here to download the Student Spring Break Application!