Reports Prepared for the Provost

From time to time, the Provost appoints several key faculty and staff members to various task forces. These task forces are charged with conducting extensive research and investigation into important campus issues. The reports of three of these task forces can be browsed by clicking on the report links below.



This report contains the analysis, findings, and recommendations of the Faculty Workload Task Force. Objective 4.1 of Valparaiso University’s Strategic Plan calls for the University to “configure and evaluate faculty workload to ensure excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship.” Further, Action 4.1.1 under this objective calls for the creation of a task force “made up of faculty members and deans that includes representatives from each college” to evaluate the issue of faculty workload. Pursuant to that task, the Provost convened a Faculty Workload Task Force in January, 2011.

Click to view the complete report from the Faculty Workload Task Force (PDF) 


In response to an increasing lack of confidence in the Valparaiso University Honor System by faculty and students, this task force was charged by the Faculty Senate in August 2012 to investigate the current situation and to make recommendations to the campus community about how to address perceived problems within the honor system. Specifically, the task force was charged to review the history of the honor system, to prepare a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the current system, and to make recommendations as to how the campus community can respond to this analysis and enhance the system.

Click to view the complete report from the Honor System Task Force (PDF)


Objective 1.3 of Valparaiso University’s Strategic Plan calls for graduating students “who can investigate and interpret information and who can communicate effectively within and across cultures in relevant media, and through current technologies.” Further, Action 1.3.1 of the Plan requires the University to “institute measures to ensure the quality of its students’ writing skills.” Pursuant to these objectives, the Provost convened a Student Writing Task Force in October, 2010. Its charge included: 1. Identifying measures that will ensure the quality of Valpo students’ writing skills. 2. Designing and recommending a specific plan for implementing these measures. 3. Including assessment means within the plan not only for student writing but for evaluating the effectiveness of the plan itself.

Click to view the complete report from the Student Writing Task Force (PDF)  



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