Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Innovation

As Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Innovation, David Rowland oversees satellite programs, partnerships with K-12 institutions, and the Office of Institutional Innovation. During his time as Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Education, Rowland oversaw phenomenal growth in graduate enrollment; nurtured the development of many new programs; increased selectivity in admissions; broadened the graduate-student base to include much of the Midwest, the Great Lakes region, and East Coast; and cultivated graduate-school partnerships with universities in China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other countries.

Rowland is also a professor of psychology, and his teaching interests lie in the areas of physiological psychology, human sexuality, and sensation and perception. Rowland’s research centers on human sexual response and dysfunction and has resulted in over 120 research publications and book chapters, many of which have been co-authored by students. He has held research fellowships at SUNY-Stony Brook, Stanford University, Erasmus University in the Netherlands, and the School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, he serves as editor of the Annual Review of Sex Research, is on the editorial board of four major journals, has co-edited “The Handbook for Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders”(Wiley Press, 2008), and serves on the advisory boards of several international pharmaceutical companies. Rowland served as a member of the standards committee of the International Society of Sexual Medicine and as co-chair of the WHO/ISSM committee on sexual problems in men in Paris. During his freer moments, Rowland enjoys bicycling, rollerblading, camping, international travel, and an occasional tall glass of microbrew.


Ph.D. – University of Chicago, 1977
M.A. – University of Chicago
B.A. – Southern Illinois University

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David Rowland