Faculty Profile

Jeanne Brown, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor



Dr. Brown has been an active adjunct/part-time professor in the VU Psychology department, beginning in 1991. She previously served as the Counselor Training Coordinator, in charge of Field Placements (Practica and Internships) for both undergraduate and graduate students. She teaches Field Placement class, Family Therapy and other counseling classes, and has interests in family therapy and assessment. Her career has involved a combination of teaching, counseling and assessment. She is active in her United Methodist Church, schools and community agencies. She spends a great deal of time running her two children around. She is married to Jim Nelson (also a member of the VU Psychology Department). Their household also includes a rabbit, two fish, lots of plants and heaps of books.


M.S., Ph.D. - Washington State University 1989
B.S., B.A. - Montana State University 

Professional Affiliations

  • AAMFT-Certified Family Therapy Program
  • Indiana Health Service Provider in Psychology