Faculty Profile

Kieth Carlson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dickmeyer Hall, 207


Dr. Carlson came to Valparaiso University in 2003. He is currently an Assistant Professor. He teaches courses in Statistics, General Psychology, Sensation & Perception, and Human Cognition, His research has been in the area of visual attention and "learning without awareness." More specifically, his research has investigated how participants' response times are facilitated by specific kinds of perceptual events even when the participants are not "aware" of these perceptual events. He is also interested in how and why college student might become cynical toward their undergraduate institution. He has co-authored an instrument designed to measure cynical attitudes toward college with colleagues at other institutions. When not working he enjoys reading books on the relationship between Science and Religion, playing baseball/softball, hiking, and playing games with his wife, Ann, and son, Gerrit.


M.A., Ph.D. - University of Nebraska 1997
B.A. - Gustavus Adolphus College