Graduate Programs

Pursuing graduate programs in counseling and psychology is an exciting endeavor. The Psychology Department offers several excellent options depending upon the students personal and professional goals.

Counseling Programs

The Department of Psychology offers a counseling program that provides coursework and experiential training designed to prepare individuals for careers in the counseling profession.  The CACREP accredited* 60-credit Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) program is specifically designed for students who plan to meet licensure requirements in the State of Indiana (or states having similar requirements) as a Mental Health Counselor.

Valparaiso University's CMHC program is the only such program of its kind in the region housed within a psychology department, and the CMHC degree is the only counseling specialty that leads to licensure.

Law & Psychology/Counseling Programs

Aspects of legal practice often involve a psychological dimension, including nuanced interviewing, empathy for clients, inferring motivation, predicting behavior, selecting juries, and understanding psychological reports and testimony.

Two dual degree options enabling graduate study in psychology and counseling are offered through collaboration between VU's Graduate Division and the School of Law. Each option provides a different level of psychological competency relevant to legal practice. Because a limited amount of coursework for each degree may apply toward the other, the total number of credits required for the dual degree is substantially less than that required for both degrees individually.

  • Joint J.D./M.A. in Psychology
  • Joint J.D./M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (eligible for licensure)


*The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Valparaiso University is accredited under the 2001 CACREP standards as a Mental Health Counseling program.