MA in Community Counseling

The 48 credit Community Counseling Program is appropriate for those intending to work in the counseling field or who intend to pursue doctoral work in psychology or related fields. The Community Counseling Program is committed to stimulating the professional and personal growth of individuals who plan to work in community settings where psychological issues are a focus of interest.  The following broad goals have been established for students:

  • to increase knowledge of counseling theories and techniques;
  • to enhance ability to apply theory and techniques to diverse human problems in varied counseling settings;
  • to encourage acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for dealing effectively with gender, social, and cultural issues; and
  • to stimulate commitment to service designed to meet the needs of self, others, and society

Generally the Community Counseling program is not suitable for those planning to seek licensure as a professional counselor but may provide preparation for advanced graduate study.

Curriculum Overview

Core Course Requirements
15 credits
COUN 545
Community & Health Counseling
3 cr
COUN 635
Introduction to Psychopathology
3 cr
COUN 660
Helping Relationships: Counseling Theories
3 cr
COUN 662
Helping Relationships: Counseling Processes
3 cr
COUN 693
Foundations of Professional & Ethical Issues in Counseling
3 cr
COUN 694
Counseling Proseminar (4 semesters)
0 cr
Advanced Courses
18 credits
PSY 602
Research Methods in Psychology
3 cr
COUN 570
Assessment in Counseling: Testing & Appraisal
3 cr
COUN 620
Human Development: Biological & Learned Bases of Behavior
3 cr
COUN 625
Social & Cultural Bases of Behavior
3 cr
COUN 664
Career Counseling: Appraisal & Intervention
3 cr
COUN 668
Group Counseling
3 cr
Experiential Training
9 credits
COUN 685
Counseling Practicum
3 cr
COUN 687
Counseling Internship (2 semesters)
6 cr
Speciality Electives
6 credits
Students should elect a specialty track.  Individuals planning to work in community settings should generally elect the APPLIED TRACK, while those planning to pursue doctoral work or other study should complete the RESEARCH TRACK.

More information on the program can be found in the Graduate Catalog and Student Handbook.

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