University catalogs are displayed as an entire publication in PDF format. Bookmarks are provided as a convenience to quickly locate an area of interest.

General Catalog

Graduate Catalog


2017–2018 General Catalog

2016–2017 General Catalog

2015-2016 General Catalog

2014–2015 General Catalog

2013–2014 General Catalog

2012–2013 General Catalog

2011–2012 General Catalog

2010–2011 General Catalog

2009–2010 General Catalog

2008–2009 General Catalog

2007–2008 General Catalog


2017–2018 Graduate Catalog

2016–2017 Graduate Catalog

2015–2016 Graduate Catalog

2014–2015 Graduate Catalog

2013–2014 Graduate Catalog

2012–2013 Graduate Catalog

2011–2012 Graduate Catalog

2010–2011 Graduate Catalog

2009–2010 Graduate Catalog

2008–2009 Graduate Catalog

2007–2008 Graduate Catalog


Please contact the Registrar at for catalogs from previous years.

Revisions to the catalogs for minor edits, such as typographical errors, may be submitted via the Catalog Corrections form online. These changes will be reflected in the forthcoming edition.

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