Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winners

The following students received Board of Directors and Student Choice awards at the 2015 Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship.

Board of Directors Award Winners:  

Michelle Sopetti & Lauren Hargrave

Oral Presentation - Endurance of SYBR Safe in Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
Department Affiliation: Biology
Faculty Sponsor: Beth Scaglione-Sewell

McKenzie Cobban
Oral Presentation - Beauty and the Beast in Cinema: A Challenge to Gender Role
Department Affiliation: Foreign Languages
Faculty Sponsor: Tim Tomasik

Kelli Chavez
Oral Presentation - Still Seeing Color: Post-Racial Sentiment and the Continuing Struggle for Freedom within the African American Community
Department Affiliation: Christ College
Faculty Sponsor: Samuel Graber

Haylee Westendorf
Poster Presentation - 107 Seconds
Department Affiliation:  Communication
Faculty Sponsor:  Yeohyun Ahn

Taegyun Kim & Christopher Morrissey
Poster Presentation - Computational Modeling of Bromide and Chloride Catalyzed Formation of Sulfilimine Crosslinks
Department Affiliation:  Physics and Astronomy
Faculty Sponsor:  Stan Zygmunt, Haiying He

Megan Mariani
Poster Presentation - The Impact of a 5-Week Shoulder Strengthening Program on Division I Swimmers
Department Affiliation:  Kinesiology
Faculty Sponsor:  Kelly Helm

Holly Griskell
Poster Presentation - The Effects of Individualism and Collectivism on Memory
Department Affiliation:  Psychology
Faculty Sponsor:  Jim Nelson

Hayden Hast
Poster Presentation - A Signal Distribution Network for Sequential Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Systems
Department Affiliation:  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Sponsor:  Doug Tougaw


Student Choice Award Winner:

Rudolph Grasha & Kedar Puvar

Poster Presentation - The Late Van's Voyage: An In-Depth Analysis of the Usage of Valparaiso University Auxiliary Transportation Services over the 2014-15 Academic Year
Department Affiliation: Auxiliary Services
Faculty Sponsor: David Hansen