Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winners

The following students received Board of Directors and Student Choice awards at the 2013 Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship.

Board of Directors Award Winners:  

Raymond Finzel, Timothy Goodrich, Graeme Roberts

Oral Presentation - Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Coal Shipping Operations
Department Affiliation: Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty Sponsor: James Caristi

Abigail Smith
Oral Presentation - Scandal in Scotland
Department Affiliation: History
Faculty Sponsor: Kevin Ostoyich

Lauren Nickodemus
Oral Presentation - A Room Revisited:  Dissonance in Virginia Woolf's Feminism from Essay to Novel
Department Affiliation: Christ College
Faculty Sponsor: Edward Upton

Clara Brandt
Oral Presentation - The Ninhursag Lament, A Literary Precendent for the Stabat Mater
Department Affiliation: Theology
Faculty Sponsor: George Heider

Becca Mercola, Alec Johnson, Rachel Abbinante
Oral Presentation - Integrated Communication:  Perceptions among the Fields of Marketing, Public Relations, and Journalism
Department Affiliation:  Communication
Faculty Sponsor:  Bonita Neff

Kelly Belisle, Laura Mattson, Caitlin Soley

Poster Presentation - Investigations of the Application of Black Carbon for the Retention and Stabilization of Nonylphenol in Soil
Department Affiliation:  Chemistry
Faculty Sponsor: Jon Schoer

Halina Hopkins, Ali Olson
Poster Presentation - Diversity and Abundance of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Associated with Different Benthic Substrates in the East Branch of the Little Calumet River 
Department Affiliation: Biology
Faculty Sponsor: Laurie Eberhardt

Christine Warner
Poster Presentation - A Linear Regression Analysis for Understanding High School Grade Point Average (GPA)
Department Affiliation: Economics
Faculty Sponsor: Sara Bothun

Sarah Brunsvold
Poster Presentation - An Analysis of Sulfur Trioxide in Aggregates for Concrete Using an ASTM Standard for Portland Cement
Department Affiliation:  Civil Engineering
Faculty Sponsor:  John Schemmel

Stephanie Kuipers
Poster Presentation - Facilitating Positive Reactions to Psychological Labels
Department Affiliation:  Psychology
Faculty Sponsor:  Jim Nelson

Student Choice Award Winner:

Justin Brown, Armand Gagne, Stephen Charnley, Kyle Devlin, Ryan Finley, Jenan Almishari, Anna Wint

Poster Presentation - Design and Fabrication of an Ultra-Low Capacitive Pressure Transducer
Department Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Sponsor: Shahin Nudehi