Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winners

The following students received Board of Directors and Student Choice awards at the 2014 Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship.

Board of Directors Award Winners:  

Kayla Nomina

Oral Presentation - Patterns of the Past: Determining Common Pre-Genocide Characteristics to Predict and Prevent Future Genocides
Department Affiliation: History
Faculty Sponsor: Kevin Ostoyich

Adam Brainard, Russell Danielson, Kaitlyn Heinlein, Kevin Wagner
Poster Presentation - "Sounding" Like Lake-Effect Snow: Evaluating the Thermodynamic and Synoptic Setup of Northwest Indiana Lake-Effect Events Using Local Profiles and Numerical Modeling 
Department Affiliation: Geography and Meteorology
Faculty Sponsor: Kevin Goebbert

Kaitlin Rogers, Heather Albertson, Mary-Ann Craft
Poster Presentation - Seed Dispersal of Native and Non-Native Fruiting Plants by Birds in Northwest Indiana Landscape
Department Affiliation: Biology
Faculty Sponsor: Laurie Eberhardt

Courtenay Stewart
Poster Presentation - The Psychological Parameters and Sports-Related Injuries of Female Collegiate Athletes
Department Affiliation:  Kinesiology
Faculty Sponsor:  Kelly Helm

Al AlNuaimi, Adam Berry, Courtney Brandt, Jesse Fosheim, Eric Loria, Jonathan Ogland-Hand, Andrew Schrader
Poster Presentation - Development of a Solar Rotary-Kiln Reactor for the Reduction of Metal Oxide Particles
Department Affiliation:  Mechanical and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Sponsor:  Luke Venstrom

Student Choice Award Winner:

David Goad

Poster Presentation - Defining the Genetic Basis for Seed Yield in Arabidopsis Thaliana
Department Affiliation: Biology
Faculty Sponsor: Rob Swanson